What ~ Your Groom Doesn’t Want To Wear A Tie? Fine…

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Give Your Man This “Thing” To Wear Instead!

It’s your wedding. Your man. Your decision. Depending on the style of your wedding, you may or may not want him to wear a tie. However, if you truly feel it’s a must and he’s feeling he’s too cool to wear a tie come the big day, I’ve found the perfect answer! He can’t argue this awesome “accessory“. In fact, he’ll probably love it!

“This Is Not A Tie” ~ by Etsy seller Toybreaker:


“French: Ceci n’est pas une cravate. English translation: This is not a tie.” – Toybreaker

This, uh, “accessory” as we’re calling it, comes in other colors as well, so you can coordinate them with your wedding! If your groomsmen are also crying about having to wear a tie (boys will be boys), let them in on the fun too. Have them each sport one of these handsome pieces!


You know they’ll love it and so will you…when you get your way! There. Now everyone’s happy, see? Find these styles and more by visiting the Toybreaker shop now. Cheers!

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