It’s A Baby Shower…

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…For Our Baby Girl!

This weekend, some of my closest friends and family threw us a baby shower for our baby girl on the way! We are truly blessed and so grateful. It was such a nice time and everything was so beautiful! I had to share a few pictures with you from this very lovely day…

From vintage babies, gorgeous decor and eco-friendly favors to delicious food, yummy desserts and games, we were blown away!

We still can’t get over what a great time it was…

Check out the clothes-line…too cute, huh? I was thinking about maybe using the line and pins to hang pictures with in the nursery. What do you think?

I laughed when my friend informed me she wore her leopard heels to the shower just for me, since everyone knows I’ve been missing my high heels with these swollen pregnant feet of mine! Too funny. Fear not, I tried to stay stylish yet comfy with my cozy, pink polka-dotted slippers…

Sexy, eh? I mean really, being pregnant just doesn’t get any hotter than this! Riiiight. Anyhow, it really was a great time, so thanks to all my friends and family who put it all together and who came out to celebrate our baby on the way. We are so excited to soon introduce her to the world!

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  1. Comment by Juliet Douglas:

    Aww, that is so sweet! Congratulations again Jaime!

  2. Comment by Jaime:

    Oh, thank you so much, Juliet! :) We’re really getting excited…she’s right around the corner!!! :)

  3. Comment by Bree:

    Closer and closer! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  4. Comment by Lottie Fowler:

    Congrats! Couture Events is having a baby girl too. :)

  5. Comment by Jaime:

    Thank you!!! :)

  6. Comment by Vie:

    Beautiful!! you totally deserve it Jaime! I’m so excited for you.. lots of love and sunny thoughts your way <3 thinking of you! <3

  7. Comment by New City Flowers:

    Those Tulips are beautiful, perfect for a baby shower! [url= New City Flowers [/url] are perfect for a baby shower, wedding or any special event!

  8. Comment by Florist Grid:

    The Tulips are stunning, looks like it was a great shower!

  9. Comment by Lauren @ Team Giles:

    Jaime!! OMG! I didnt know you were having a baby! when are you due? I’ve been mega behind on blog reading lately. congratulations, I’m so thrilled for you!

  10. Comment by Jaime:

    Thank you!!! Due in just a few weeks – we’re SO excited! ;)

  11. Comment by Lucky In Love at

    Love the humpty dumpty invite. So cute.

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