A Unique Baby Shower Favor Idea…

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…For When You’re Thinking Pink!

My husband and I attended another baby shower this weekend, given for us by his wonderful family! You know I enjoyed every second of it, right down to the yummy cake. Of course, I couldn’t wait to get home and share with you the adorable baby shower favors! Check it out…

It’s O.P.I nail polish in the color, “It’s A Girl!” Isn’t it perfect? Too adorable. I think I’ll definitely be sporting this color on my toes in time for delivery day. Well, that is, if I can reach my toes! Oh heck, fine – it’s the perfect excuse to get a pedicure…right? Right. Lord knows I could use one!

Below are a few other pictures from the baby shower…everything was just so pretty! I adored the nursery rhyme theme featuring good ol’ Humpty Dumpty!

I’m telling you, between both of our families and all of our friends, this baby is one lucky little girl! We sure are blessed. With only about 35 days to go until her arrival date, we are going to be some busy lil’ parents-to-be. I’m so excited!

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  1. Comment by Suzanne:

    Wow, I just love the table decorations! So pretty!

  2. Comment by Mindy Bean:

    Love the colors. Pink is my favorite.

  3. Comment by Claudia Baeza:

    Your shower was beautiful! I will be hosting a shower in a couple of weeks and like these humpty dumpty decorations especially the cards on the flowers. Does anyone know where to buy them?

  4. Comment by Caren:

    Super adorable! LOVE the nail polish idea!

  5. Comment by Kendall:

    I really love the pink nail polish and the pink table decorations! Good luck with your pedicure, I’m sure you deserve it!


  6. Comment by Jaime:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! Claudia, I heard the Humpty Dumpty decor was purchased from Hobby Lobby. Hope that helps – happy planning! ;)

    Jaim ;)

  7. Comment by Katie @ Engagement Rings:

    Loving the frothy girly theme! Especially the awesome favours!

  8. Comment by AlexiaDesign:

    Fantastic bouquet!!!! Especially I like color of it!!!

  9. Comment by The Memory Journalists:

    What a great theme and favor idea! Love it, will share with my friends planning baby showers. Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. Comment by Sandra:

    Baby Shower was lovely, I especially like the nail polish idea.

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