Photo Curtain Call…

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…Showered With Smiles!

I’ve always loved the idea of using creatively designed shower curtains as photo backdrops for weddings. Think about it! You could probably easily hang them in a doorway with an adjustable shower rod or on curtain rod in front of a window. Check out these unique designs from

(Photo credits: “Happiness” & “Moondance” designer shower curtains from

Fun, right? You could even customize your own DIY shower curtain to coordinate with your wedding colors! Just pick up some cool embellishments from your local craft store and super-glue (or sew, if you’re cool like that) the suckers onto a liner. Wa-la! Creative and affordable.

Best part? After the wedding you can keep your backdrop hanging in the most lovely way, in your newlywed bathroom.

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  1. Comment by Erin (penny. LA):

    Oh, that’s an interesting idea… haven’t thought of that. <3

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