Swirly Wall Decor…

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…Whirled Up In Sweet Goodness!

What a lovely way to display your wedding memorabilia after the big day, wouldn’t you say (hey, that kind of rhymes)? Take a looksie at these fun finds for your newlywed home and your happily ever after…

(Photo credits: SoZealous on Etsy)

So pretty. Agree? You can find these lovelies by clicking HERE. Also, be sure to stop by the So Zealous Blog for some (eye)candy. Trick or treat? It’s definitely a treat!


  1. Comment by Roisin:

    I just wanted to call in and say thanks very much for your lovely comment on my blog (Child of Danu). I feel so honoured because I’m such a fan of yours! Seriously, this is *the* wedding blog! It’s actually kind of dangerous, one could get lost in all this loveliness :) Just take this post for example, I’m having a hard time resisting the urge to click on those links! Love that wallpaper, and those frames… No, comment first!

    Sorry I haven’t commented before, by the way. I’m easily distracted and usually ended up clicking away and forgetting to come back and thank you for your great work. So I now want to say, once and for all, thank you very much! You have helped fuel the dreams of this master procrastinator on many a dark evening :) Like those Maria Lluisa Rabell dresses; heavenly. And I’d never come across them anywhere else before, just here.

    Oh, and thanks also for the twitter mention! Twitter’s probaly the only social media outlet I’ve yet to embrace, really must sort that out. I’m a little wary of it, though, I tend to get addicted to these sort of things.

    Anyway, I just want to say it one more time- thank you! Now I’m off to check out these little darlings…:)

    Roisin x

  2. Comment by bathroom guru:

    I got married 2 years ago now so fortunatley my wife has stopped finding amazing ways to spend even more money on our big day. We are however renovating our house, so i will be sending my wife this link..

    Thanks for taking the time to post these little inspirations..

  3. Comment by Erin:

    I loooove the blue wall shelf/piece… gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to put something like this in the apartment, but I can never find anything that’s at the right price.

  4. Comment by Tina:

    I totally love them! They would make a very sweet detail in my living room.

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