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…Fall In Love All Over Again, Only This Time With Coffee!

Pssst! Hey, you – coffee cravers, caffeine addicts, java jumblers and latte lovers! Many of you know I’m a fan of the bean, with all the bridal coffee talk we do around here. Why wouldn’t I be? Coffee smells amazing, stimulates the brain, stirs up creativity and good conversation.

Have you ever heard of Senseo coffee machines? I’m sure you have, as these works of art are the hottest in trendy, delicious coffee making. That truth being said, I’m excited to share that Senseo has offered to give one of our lucky readers their very own Senseo coffee machine! Whoa – prepare to enter the land of yummy. Who’s in?

I’ve been hooked on this thing ever since Senseo kindly gave me one to try. Seriously, it’s schwanky, yet simple to use and totally brings out the inner barista in me!

Once it’s ready, you can whip up a (super delicious) fresh cup of coffee in less than a minute. Fast, easy and fancy-dancy! Since it’s a pod system, we’re not wasting a bunch of coffee like we normally would with a regular coffee machine. It’s great for those who enjoy different types of coffee, leaving everyone happy with their own type and flavor! There are a million reasons to love it – click to read more about Senseo coffee machines.

So, dearios, ya want one? Here’s your chance to WIN one!!! Just follow the rules below. Can’t wait? Buy one now by visiting the Senseo store or by locating a retailer near you. Also, while you’re visiting the Senseo site, be sure to take a coffee break and grab yourself some yummy recipes! You must try the Triple Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - it’s heaven in a cup. For real. ;)

WIN it!

To ENTER TO WIN, simply leave a comment in the feedback link on this post, sharing with me one of the following: your favorite coffee recipe, your favorite memory spent over coffee or how you would use your Senseo machine if you won it. Simple!

Of course, if you feel like being a sweetie and would like to earn an extra entry, follow It’s A Jaime Thing on both Facebook and Twitter (Counts as one entry total). Leave a separate comment on this blog post telling me you did so.

This giveaway is open to U.S. readers only (I’m sorry!) and will end at midnight CST on Wednesday, January 5, 2011.

***Just a note*** We like to keep it friendly and clean here, so be nice! Any negative comments posted will not be published and will not count as an entry. The winner will be chosen via a random generator, announced shortly after the closing date and will be notified by email. The winner will have to claim their prize by contacting me within one week. If the prize is not claimed within that time period, a new winner will be chosen. Thank you, good luck and don’t forget to spread the word! :) ~Jaim

P.S. The opinions above are my own, I would not lie about coffee. Trust me, I’m a coffee freak. ;) xo


  1. Comment by Karen McNamara:

    My favorite coffee drink..’tis the seasons sooo,

    1 Part Bailey’s Irish Cream in a coffee mug.
    Pour coffee over it.
    Crushed up peppermint stick
    Add whip Cream to top and sprinkle peppermint stick over top..

    Enjoy. ;)

  2. Comment by christine:

    Let’s see my fave coffee drink is um…..COFFEE with foamed skim milk. I could drink it all day. Oh wait I do. And if i am feeling extra crazy a drop of vanilla or hazelnut just puts it over the moon. Great giveaway thanks for hosting xo

  3. Comment by Cyndi:

    I would use this to drink a new flavor of coffee every hour, every day!! YAY! Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity! :)

  4. Comment by Cyndi:

    I follow you on twitter and FB

  5. Comment by Annie:

    My favorite coffee memory is spending some time drinking a ” cafe au lait” in Paris with my friend Rob. Great coffee, cute French cafe, and great conversation. Perfect.

  6. Comment by lindsey:

    My favorite time of day is in the morning when my fiance and I share a cup of coffee in the kitchen and read the paper/chat about our days. I would definitely be using this to make us a warm cup of coffee to start off our days!

  7. Comment by Brie Padfield:

    I have a lot of good memories involving coffee. When I was younger all of the ladies in my family would clean up the kitchen after family dinner and then they would all sit down around the table with big cups of coffee. I realized I was in love with my husband over a shared cup of coffee. The smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen when the pregnancy test said positive after trying for over a year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Comment by Brie Padfield:

    Following on Facebook (Brie Padfield) Following on Twitter @Freeis4Brie

  9. Comment by Tonya Bailey:

    I had an awesome blue Senseo when I lived in Vegas and fell in love with drinking their Paris coffee (occasionally Vienna, too). Id use two pods for a tall batch and then add a bit of sugar and then some Creme Brulee creamer. It was a sweet and delicious treat that I had to have AT LEAST once a day! Tragically, I couldn’t bring it when I moved back. I miss it dearly!!!

  10. Comment by Marie Bell:

    My favorite coffee recipe is simple, but delicious. I even have the non-coffee drinkers at work coming into my office wondering “what’s that great smell?”:

    Coconut Cream creamer
    1 scoop of Ovaltine

    The trick is to mix up the creamer and cocoa first before you pour the coffee….yummy!

  11. Comment by Bethany:

    My favorite coffee drink is simple, steamed milk and caramel sauce. As a soon to be married couple, I know that starting off the day right involves my cup of coffee. This machine would be a great start to starting our lives together!

  12. Comment by Michelle:

    Sipping coffee with my lovely sister inside of a adorable cafe window in Florence has to be my all time favorite coffee moment. Even though we could only afford to split one croissant, it was the best breakfast I ever had.

  13. Comment by Michelle Anderson:

    My best coffee moment was sitting on the porch in a South African village with a good friend watching the people and farm animals stroll by.

  14. Comment by Jennifer Wetzel:

    Coffee is the best drink! My favorite thing to do is have one of my best girlfriends over and sip a tastey cup of coffee while we catch up and spill our beans about our crazy lives. If I had a senseo coffee machine, I would be able to create tastey coffee all the time, which would mean more girlfriend chat time!

  15. Comment by Christine:

    Sitting in a coffee shop, sipping cups of cafe mochas on a second date with me (future) fiance!

  16. Comment by christina c:

    I love cafe au lait. Reminds me of summers in New Orleans as a child. But now I drink any and every kind!

  17. Comment by Kerrie:

    Oh boy….I am a certified coffee junkie! I love strong coffee so…about 4 shots of espresso with a dash of hot milk…topped with a little whip creme and spread a little caramel on top…heaven!!!!

    My favorite coffee moment: A whirlwind trip with my mom to Paris…sitting at a little cafe, right next to Notre Dame, sipping cafe au lait…people watching. My mom has since passed so thinking of this memory (and looking at the pic our waiter took) is my favorite coffee moment!

  18. Comment by Angela Morgan:

    My favorite coffee moment: Enjoying a cup of coffee with my fiance’ this New Year’s Day while talking about our wedding plans.

  19. Comment by Birdie S.:

    If I won id use the SENSEO for our girls nite out card games @ my house we all drink coffee…no alcohol 4 us!!!!!

  20. Comment by Birdie S.:

    I follow U on both FB & Twitter

  21. Comment by Kellye:

    Mmmm…coffee….I make my own mocha with hot cocoa mix and coconut coffee creamer…much fewer calories than Coffee Shop Mochas!

  22. Comment by Annette Peel:

    I would use the Senseo to settle our A.M. coffee squabbles! Since my husband prefers decaf & I prefer regular, we make a pot of ‘lite’ coffee which satisfies neither of us. The Senseo is our obvious solution! I just love technology & you for having this giveaway, thank you!

  23. Comment by Annette Peel:

    I ‘Like’ you on your FB Fan page,
    Annette Govan Peel

  24. Comment by Annette Peel:

    I Follow you on Twitter,

  25. Comment by Angela Morgan:

    I “like” your FB page.

    I follow you on Twitter @SouthrnFriBride

  26. Comment by Kelly B:

    I would love to win this. I can’t drink a whole pot and this would save me from dumping the rest of a perfectly good pot of coffee down the drain.

  27. Comment by Kelly B:

    I follow via facebook (Kelly B) and twitter(KELLYSGIVEAWAYS)

  28. Comment by Megan:

    How would I use this? I have 3 small kids and sometimes I NEED coffee and fast! A cup of coffee in 1 minute would be amazing.

  29. Comment by Megan:

    I like you on both FB (name in my entry addy) and Twitter @megans_madness

  30. Comment by lindsay:

    I would come home after a looong day at work and make a yummy cup of coffee! It would make my house smell ooooh sooo yummy and take me away to fancy land after my firt sip!

  31. Comment by Lindsay:

    I follow you on facebook and twitter!

  32. Comment by Laura:

    Coffee make me happy! I would love to have this!

  33. Comment by Laura:

    I follow you on facebook and twitter! YOU ROCK!

  34. Comment by Eric:

    My recipe:

    1 part darkest coffee possible
    1 mug

    Step 1: brew coffee in my brand new Senseo machine I won on Jaime’s blog.

    Step 2: Drink the coffee.

    Step 3: Repeat.

  35. Comment by Craig Alpaugh:

    I would use this to make coffee for my fiancee’ and I.

  36. Comment by Jill:

    I would make coffee to take with me to work.

  37. Comment by Jill:

    I follow you on facebook and twitter

  38. Comment by Jean:

    I would make a cup of coffee when I get home in the afternoon.

  39. Comment by Jaime:

    Thank you, everyone! The giveaway has now ended!

  40. Comment by andrea d:

    I would use this in the house as me and my bf do not have one..
    drea8685 at yahoo dot com

  41. Comment by Lisa:

    What a great theme! I love anything that has to do with fairies!

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