DIY Gift Tag Garland

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…An Easy Decor Idea For Your Big Day!

Just imagine…whimsical tags hung delicately with string, dancing and twirling above you as you sip your champagne. I wonder, could you find a way to turn these gift tag displays into lovely garland to hang? I bet you could!

(Photo credits: Purple gift tags from LCBPaper on Etsy)

Buy or make your own tags and attach them with string in the length you prefer. Use paper clips to hang your tags from string hung from the ceiling. Use your new garland to pretty up a doorway, a wall or even tree branches!

(Photo credit: Wedding garland via Once Wed)

Maybe even create a mobile-type fixture to hang above your tables using tags. Not a fan of the paper clip? Try these stylish pegs to hang your garland, or paint your own…

(Photo credits: Grey geometric pegs grey geometric pegs from Etsy seller Another Donkey Design)

How would you decorate with tags? Do share!

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