Shoes That Make You Go…

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I don’t think I need to write much here to explain how I feel about these shoes.  All you need to do, my dears, is look at them and you’ll understand.  Just LOOK at these SHOES!  They are special.

(Photo credit: Via seller ModernVintageBoutique on

Whether these become bridal shoes paired up with a gorgeous wedding gown, under super cute bridesmaid dresses or under a sexy pair of jeans, I think you know these are um, well, must haves.  It’s quite tragic that my feet are too big for these beauties – they only go up to size 9.  I’m a big fo0t 10 over here.  Jipped!  Oh well, at least one of you darlings will be able to enjoy…so do, enjoy!


  1. Comment by Stacie Frazier:

    Gahhh..I’m crazy about these shoes! They would look super cute in a bridal boudoir photo shoot too!

  2. Comment by Vancouver wedding photographer:

    Oh holy-moley are these shoes ever GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Comment by sarah:

    I need these shoes! Where can I buy them?

  4. Comment by Felecia- Tampa Weddings:

    Ah! These are gorgeous!! I love shoes… and i especially love it when a bride spices up her look with some super sexy heels like these :)

  5. Comment by Jessica:

    I must have these shoes! Can anyone tell me where I can get them? Pretty please!? :)

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