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…With Denise, of Bellis Studios!

You might remember that last post where I mentioned Pantone released their Fall 2011 Fashion Color Report. I told you I’d have inspiration for weeks!  My eye went right to Orchid Hush.

It quietly called to me!

When you come across a color you just love and want to build a color palette around it, it’s helpful to refer to a color wheel.  Locate your starting color on the wheel.  Orchid Hush is a tint, it has quite a bit of white in it.  It’s located near the center of the wheel.

You can look directly across the wheel to find your colors complement.  Complementary colors tend to have a lot of contrast when placed next to each other.  In this case, a pale yellow would be my complement and would work great with Orchid Hush!

I decided to push it a little further and see what other color combos I could come up with.

A triad color relationship is when three hues are equally positioned on the color wheel.

An analogous color relationship is when colors are located adjacent to each other on the color wheel.

A monochromatic color relationship is when colors are the same shade or tint variations of the same hue.

Choosing your colors based on their relationship to each other on the color wheel will guarantee harmony.  Isn’t harmony what we want in all of our relationships?!

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Thank you, Denise!  Brides, need more inspiration or help with color?  Looking for someone to custom design your invites?  Be sure to visit Denise at  Happy planning!  -Jaim


  1. Comment by Audrey:

    This color scheme makes for a really gorgeous wedding!!

  2. Comment by Prosklitiria Giota:

    All these purple-ish colors are my favourite

  3. Comment by Jen:

    This color palette is so pretty and romantic!

  4. Comment by Wedding Invitations:

    I could stare at these for hours. I can’t wait to see people sharing their wedding details if they’ve used these pantones. Thanks for sharing! Always a pleasure stopping by.

  5. Comment by Stacie Frazier:

    I adore the name of the color…Orchid Hush! So romantic sounding!

  6. Comment by Julia:

    The color scheme is awesome! I love it!!!

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