Guys, Put It In A Letter…

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…Then Put It On Her Finger!

Maybe you’re just dating.  Maybe you’re engaged!  Maybe you’re already married.  Who knows, who cares?  You do!  Which is why you should totally consider getting all romantic on her.  How so?  By writing her a love letter she can always keep close at hand, or rather, on it!

(“i (thou) Ring” by OneOriginJewelry on

Slip your love note into this charming and unique love letter ring.  Let it melt her heart, then prepare for one big, fat kiss!  Who knows, maybe you’ll even score a home-cooked meal.  Or, if she’s anything like me and can’t cook, perhaps you’ll get a uh, turkey sandwich instead.  Hey – nothing wrong with turkey, man!  Cheers!


  1. Comment by Baby Shower Invitations:

    A love note by way of a ring. An amazing idea.

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