An Easter Egg Hunt…

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…For Creativity!

This is the first Easter I get to color eggs as a mom, so I’ve been really looking forward to it all week!  We plan on doing the traditional dyed eggs but I’ve also got some other ideas up my sleeve.  Check out the collection I’ve pinned up for inspiration this weekend!

(Photo credit:   Inspire Co. )

(Photo credits:  L ~ Sweet Paul found at Space For Inspiration and R ~ Home Road )

(Photo credit:  Annaleenas HEM )

Love ‘em?  Click the links below each picture to see how they were created.  Need more Easter egg inspiration?  Visit the other eggs I’ve collected by visiting me on Pinterest.  Happy egg styling!


  1. Comment by Jane:

    I love these eggs! I scour the net every year to find the best new ways to decorate eggs. Love yours!!!

  2. Comment by Sandra:

    That is a very clever and creative idea, gives me some ideas for next year, thanks!

  3. Comment by Wedding Invitations:

    SO VERY PRETTY :D I might try these out next time :D

  4. Comment by Marianne:

    Oh my goodness, I just love these eggs! So creative. I’ll have to try the newsprint papier-mache trick next year.

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